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Friday, July 26, 2013

Supposedly Science Fiction 2013

‘Pacific Rim.’
How, or rather, why, do monster aliens arrive on Earth through a volcanic vent along the mid-Pacific ridge? Why wade out of the ocean to attack coastal cities? Why do Earth’s defenders have to build similarly sized human-controlled robots to take them on in hand-to-hand combat? What is the problem with a handful of guided missiles or even a tactical nuke or three?

The only scene in the whole film that didn’t bore us silly was the terrified tears of the little Chinese girl, now that was heart-rending.


What on Earth has this got to do with science fiction? It is so far-fetched and full of inconsistencies that taking it seriously becomes a monumental task; TV’s Batman and Robin have far more entertainment value.

How can extracting sea water from Earth’s oceans generate power for use on Titan? (That’s 1.4 billion km distant on average – nearly 10 times as far as the sun). How does one human being manage to fight his way out of a chase by three armed and very, very clever flying robots?

We really don’t think there was a saving grace to this production.

Can’t we find people intelligent enough to create believable science fiction story lines? We’d like to think that our team, David and Jack, can do that. Can’t we find writers good enough to write consistent fantasy plots? We’d like to think that our team mate, Adele can do that.

Come on… let’s do it properly or not at all.

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